Who will win the battle of video games: games consoles or mobile?

Yes, mobile games are definitely ahead of the curve, watched by more awake midgets much as the Grannies nerd tablet passionate. The mobile world is so powerful that even the children are slowly abandoning television for cartoons of the mobile media. It is undeniable that the mobile gaming surge has revived the world of video games.

This success has worried more than an expert because this environment is a challenge for the game console manufacturers like Xbox One, PS4, or Nintendo Wii U. Many people think in fact that the rapid development of mobile gaming can almost decide the end of the console market.

Below we analyze why this growth should worry (or not) of the gaming console industry.

First of all, to talk about are the undeniable facts that show how the Mobile games are displacing the gaming console market. For example, companies like Sony PSP and Nintendo DS have watched their users if we compare the results of smartphones and tablets. For some, mobile games are easily overcoming their limits thanks to the wide choice available. The Mobile games are becoming so increasingly affordable in terms of cost, availability, technology and usability. For this, a recent article published in Crackberry.com launches challenge: What if the handsets jumping off the different PS4, Xbox One, and Wii U is the latest generation of game consoles?

According to Daniel Rubino of Windows Phone Central, given the numerous technological developments mobile games meet the demand and consumer expectations. Adapting to the mass market smartphones, easily found investors ready to invest in quality games. The mobile industry has now found in the video game market against a backdrop of great opportunities. Rene Ritchie, editor in chief of iMore, believes that their mobility is the element that devices such as smartphones and tablets will use to dominate the market.

It is true that not all the experts agree on a future without consoles. In fact, gaming consoles are still the favorite mobile game. For the less experienced, powerful hard disk of consoles it is certainly higher than that of mobile games. In addition, they do not exhibit the limitations that smartphones and tablets have in terms of duration of the game, battery life and saving space.

If all these technical features reinforce the position of the console in the video game market, there is another reason (even more important) to be considered: the user experience. The truth is that hardly consumers will abandon their consoles and their usability for a tablet or mobile phone. In other words, there are two clear market niches of the video game industry: the bitter and the console to mobile casual gamers.

Thus, many others consider the future of this market as a peaceful coexistence between the console industry and the furniture industry. Anders Jeppsson, head of the gaming industry for the BlackBerry, declares that the mobile world, “just brings something new and different with respect to computers and consoles.” Certainly the mobile revolution has made the world of the video game industry dynamics and renewed – that means that our beloved console will not disappear, do not worry.

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