The world of mobile game takes advantage of a market full of opportunities

Thanks to continuous technological changes that affect mobile devices, the mobile game of the world today is one of the most profitable but also the most promising for the future. According to data gathered by Forbes & Garnet, currently the mobile game industry is one of the largest segments of the market growth. Between the launch of Tetris Hagenuk MT 2000 and Snake Nokia 6110, there have been many changes that have affected the development of games for the mobile devices, as well as many more are expected in the future.

To begin with, the mobile game market has always encouraged three major trends: the preference for mobile devices, the continued decline in sales prices mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, the high rate of use of video games on mobile devices. These factors show us that out there there are 6 million new potential users from which you receive profits.

In terms of technology, there have been many changes that have allowed the industry of mobile game to evolve over time. As a result, both the quality and the user experience are improved. Some trends supporting this analysis include the use of HTML5 technologies for the development of mobile games, a trend that Neomobile has decided to support with its investment in BoosterMedia, the company that develops, precisely, games in HTML5.

The reasons to assume an improvement in the quality of the mobile games are…

a) The introduction of ultra powerful chips

b) Design with larger screens that influence the demand for hybrid Mobile devices and the growing possibility of connecting smartphones to televisions.

c) The emergence of HTML5 technologies

The bright future of mobile game industry is in the middle of an inevitable conflict between the world of consoles and that of the mobile device. As long as the market for games on consoles will continue to flourish thanks to the great advances in technology and innovative games like New Super Mario 3D World of Nintendo, it is fair to assume that mobile devices will be able to follow in his footsteps, stealing a slice of cake from the video game market.

Other key issues to be analyzed are all additional innovations, including the consolidation of 4G technology and its potential to download and transfer data. This possibility can only encourage developers to create more and more interesting games that can include the arrival of multi-player programs for mobile. If you love mobile entertainment, the horizon there is a promising future.


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