Professional Newsletter – 10 reasons to use it

You’ve decided to send newsletters to your email contacts and you cannot decide whether to use a mail program such as Outlook or Thunderbird, or create a professional newsletter or using the many services on the internet offer this kind of service? Today we see what are the reasons why you should choose a service professional newsletter instead of Outlook or Thunderbird for your newsletter. Are you ready? To start with …

10 reasons to use a Professional Newsletter

Although programs such as Thunderbird and Outlook are excellent tools for everyday use of electronic mail, they are not suited to ‘ massive text messages to email marketing. For this reason they were born many online services that offer tools adapted to sending professional newsletters and today I want list 10 reasons why you should choose to use one … Let’s start!

1. Sending scheduled

Planning is important! Choose the right time to send a newsletter is important not to disperse resources and to increase your reading rate. With a professional newsletter you can schedule the sending and, unlike e-mail programs, you’re not forced to connect in the time of shipment to start the procedure. Set the sending time and emails will start automatically.

2. Statistics of sending and receiving

Want to know how many of the emails you sent were opened? How many people clicked on the link? Those who have entered in the last month? All this information you can not get them if you use Outlook or Thunderbird or any other email program! Instead each newsletter service provides usage statistics that can be useful to see if your campaign is progressing properly.

3. Emails are sent faster

The massive sending email through your mail server is a risky procedure! Many providers consider the high outbound traffic as suspicious activity and place limits on the maximum number of emails that can be sent every hour. Consequently, the greater the number of emails to be sent and the more time you’ll have to wait to complete the campaign. The services of professional newsletters using its suitable sending massive servers.

4. The messages do not end up in the SPAM

Sending large amounts of messages from a mail client is likely to end up your IP address blacklisted. If this happens the emails you send are likely to end up in spam boxes and not to be read. If you use a professional newsletter service that does not happen and messages reach their destination without being filtered.

5. Users can unsubscribe automatically

The professional newsletters allow you to easily manage users cancellations. Every email sent at the end of message it contains a link that allows the recipient to unsubscribe from the newsletter automatically and autonomously. This means you will no longer receive messages and prompts you to remove the address from your address book you also to existing privacy laws.

6. Create compelling email messages

Customizations available from traditional mail programs are truly few and emails sometimes are not very professional. The services of professional newsletters offer a more personal level and you can give a personal touch to every message sent. Furthermore, the creation of these emails is really fun using the visual editor and templates available to customize.

7. Many emails without problems

If you have a phone book with several thousand addresses no problem. Sending large quantities of email you are balanced over time and no need to worry about keeping your computer on for sending because we think the service mail server, also sending is much faster because it uses internet connections very faster than you’re connected.


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