Orico 6518US3 Docking Station Hard Disk

On our desk today a product as simple and useful: we are talking of a docking station for hard drives. With a hard drive docking station, you can quickly connect any hard disk to your PC, allowing you to use the disk as a common external hard drive. It then reveals a very useful object, to retrieve data from the old HDD, making backups, and more.

Orico 6518US3

The docking station Orico 6518 is available in different versions depending on the connection type. We tried the 6518US3 docking station SATA hard drives single, with interface USB 3.0.

Box and supplied include:

  • Docking station Orico 6518US3
  • Cable USB 3.0
  • Wall power supply (12V – 2.5A)
  • Rapid manuals

The docking station Orico 6518 has a sober and functional design. The horizontal shape structure is realized in hard plastic and is quite solid. At the front, it is positioned electronics and connections for power supply and cable USB. At the top a button on / off and a status LED. In the bottom, four rubber feet ensure a good grip on flat surfaces.

In terms of specifications, Orico 6518 supports hard drives (HDD and SSD) SATA 2.5″ and 3.5″, with a capacity up to 4 TB. To connect the disk to the docking station simply place it on the cradle and push forward with gentle pressure. From our tests we can say that the discs adhere well and with a good grip. In the case of 2.5 “drives just pull the disc on the right side, so as to bring the contacts between the disc is the docking station Orico.

As previously mentioned, Orico 6518US3 leverages the interface USB 3.0. The good quality cable and compliant, has a length of about 1 m. Operation with mechanical HDD SATA2 and SATA3 both 2.5 “3.5” we tested. Obviously, it is guaranteed backward compatibility with earlier SATA standard with USB 2.0 or lower.

As for the supported operating systems, it is compatible with Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OSX, without the need for drivers; when you connect to the computer, it is automatically recognized.

From our tests the docking station Orico 6518 has performed well and without uncertainties. Performance is obviously influenced by variables mole. Mainly depend on the type of connection (if connected to ports USB 3.0 or 2.0, for example), the type of attached disk and not less from the computer you are using and the size of the transferred file.

Without these premises by way of example are some tests performed. Let’s start with the data reported with a SATA3 Hard Disk Seagate Barracuda 1TB

The speed USB 3.0 stands at high levels, as well as USB 2.0, of course limited by the lower standard. Among other tests, as further evidence we connected in USB 2.0 on an older PC, an old Maxtor HDD SATA2 160GB.

As you can see the results while being lower, they do not deviate greatly from the speed of the latest SATA3 disk, for being more limited by the interface USB 2.0. The results obtained as circumstances are purely indicative, and these are listed only some of the tests performed. Overall, the docking station Orico 6518 it acted positively, although as confirmed, the transfer rate depends on the interface USBused and the type of attached disk.


In the market there are many alternatives, both cheaper and more advanced, but the docking station Orico 6518 represents a good compromise between price and quality. It is an accessory in our opinion very useful, for example for recover data from an old HDD or to make backup copies, etc. If you need to travel, of course, an external box is better suited, but for use in the home or office, a docking station is definitely more practical. Promoted!


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