8 Tips to save on your phone bill

Each month you lose a fixed amount to your phone bill. However, it is unfortunate if you suddenly have to pay more because you have consumed too many call minutes, SMS or data. With these seven tips can help you save on your phone bill.

save phone bill

1. Use Wi-Fi

The easiest way to save on your phone bill by using Wi-Fi. Most people use a limited data plan and cannot continue their 3G or 4G connection. Therefore, it is wise to connect wherever possible with Wi-Fi, so they can use the internet free of charge.

It is important to check whether the Wi-Fi network can be trusted. We recommend avoiding public Wi-Fi networks because they are often unsafe and others will view your connection. So use closed Wi-Fi networks of companies or people you trust. There is no Internet connection available, turn Wi-Fi off again. This will prevent your phone continues to search for Wi-Fi networks.

2. Data Usage Tracking

It’s been a while possible on Android and iOS you to track data usage. So see you soon how much data you’ve used, and which apps are the biggest data consumers. Go on Android, go to Settings> Data Usage ‘to set in to check your data usage or data limit. By the latter, you will always be within the data bundle. Do you have an iPhone, navigate to Settings> Mobile Network ‘to see which apps consume the most MBs? Also, you can set here which apps can and cannot use a mobile internet connection.

3. Use chat apps

Let’s be honest: who are texting these days? WhatsApp, Telegram Messenger, and Facebook are much more popular and are again favorable to your phone bill. Use chat apps to avoid losing minutes and encounter a high phone bill. Sending messages with WhatsApp and Telegram is free and requires little data. Many chat apps let you can call (Video).

4. Call with chat apps

Nowadays, many chat apps on a call feature. The most popular is that of WhatsApp, which lets you use VoIP conversation with others start. Are you connected to a Wi-Fi network, you absolutely free call? The chime of WhatsApp, moreover, does not consume any call minutes, but MBs. That means that if you’re on 3G or 4G, go down there MBs of your data bundle.

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5. Beware of roaming

Use caution when using roaming. When you set the roaming function on your smartphone, it can prevent your smartphone continues to synchronize abroad. May provide much higher phone bill. So make sure that the roaming function is disabled on your machine. Go to Android Settings> More (when not wire and network)> Mobile networks> Data roaming to disable the function. On your iPhone, you turn off the roaming function by going to Settings> Mobile Network ‘and tapping The switch behind’ Data Roaming ‘.

6. Apps in the background

Many Android and iOS apps have a synchronization feature that data is synchronized in the background. This is useful for apps like Facebook and Twitter, but the process can use a lot of unexpected data. Often it is in an app possible to set when data is synchronized. It is advisable to synchronize the app less frequently. For example, go back to once per hour to once every four hours. Also, you can often completely disable the sync feature, if you prefer.

7. Use economy mode apps

Several apps have built a data saving feature for users with the limited data bundle. An example is A Chrome, the amount of data that is downloaded restricted when you enable the feature. Not all apps have such a function, but often it is clearly indicated.

Incidentally, you can also visit the App Store or Google Play for an app to conserve mobile data use. The best Extend that you compress mobile data traffic and shows you which apps consume the most MBs. Extend is available for Android and iOS.

8. Connect an SIM-only subscription off

With an SIM-only subscription, you only pay for your call and browsing habits and not for the smartphone which you probably do not need at all. Maybe meets the current model still fine if you have a good offer considering a separate device. Only Sim, therefore, puts the best sim only deals in a row and will help you in making a choice. In our choice help you identify what your needs are and get your advice.


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