5 tips to free up space on your iPhone

The iPhone does not have a micro SD card slot, so storage can quickly become a problem, especially if you have an old 8GB- or 16GB model. Here we help with the spring cleaning of your iPhone to free up some space, five good space-saving tips for iOS.

It’s a good idea to keep your iPhone to clean than occasionally because the smartphone will continue to run smoothly and you do not get any nasty surprises when you have a great concert or something funny what your children are doing on the filming you because you have no freer space for example.


1. Find the culprit

First, you have to figure out what are the culprits. You can see what takes up the most space on your iPhone to Settings> General> Storage and use iCloud to go and then under Storage to Manage Storage button. It may take a while before you appear apps, but then it may be that you surprised by what takes up the most space.

For most people this will be the camera app is that all the photos and videos contained on your iPhone, but also note the other apps that take up much space. You probably do not delete the entire app, but you can see the amount of space they occupy reduce by following the other steps in this article.

2. Uninstall apps

However, there may be some apps that you have not used for a while. If it is more than a year, you can safely say that you do not need that app. Get rid of it! It’s not the end of the world if you decide that you still want to return the app – you can just download it back in the Purchased section of the iOS App Store, and you do not have to pay again.

You can delete apps directly from the control panel by pressing the app and then tap Delete App button. To remove apps from the home screen, press and hold the screen until the icons begin to shake and press the cross in the corner of the app you want to throw away.

3. Remove data

If you regularly use certain apps you want, they may not remove, but maybe you can make them slim down a bit. If you have downloaded videos in a video, but they have not been removed, it takes up space. Some photo editing apps store photos within the app, even if they are stored on your photo stream, so they can also throw. Other dates, for example, voice memos. The removal process will differ for each app, but the app itself probably contains instructions.

Of course, you can also delete content from Apple’s own apps. iBook’s for example – if you’re the book, throw it away! You can always download it again later. Posts can take a surprising amount of space, so it is worthwhile to remove that, and then there are the photos and videos you have created. Especially videos are very large, so if you can remove that bonus.

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4. Use Apple’s iCloud

iCloud has many options that are not only meant to help you get your data to backup but to save space on your iPhone to store your stuff in the cloud.

So you can iTunes Match use any song that you possess to make accessible via the cloud. It is not stored on your device until you are on the Download button. This is true even for songs that you do not through iTunes purchased. However, this service is not free.

With iCloud photo library, you can optimize your iPhone storage by smaller versions of your photos that are optimized for your device to save and store the originals in the cloud so you can access them when you want to print for example. This can enable to Settings> iCloud> Photos to go and switch ‘Optimize I Device storage “in print.

All you have stored in iCloud is not completely removed if you throw it from your phone unless you see a warning. You get 5GB of free iCloud storage, if you need more space you have to pay a monthly fee.

5. Change camera settings

The last thing you can do to ensure that your iPhone does not regain standing completely full, is to change some settings in the Camera app. Go to Settings> Photos & Camera and make sure the Save normal image is not green under HDR. If this setting is enabled, all the HDR photos you take duplicated, with the normal version of your photo is also stored on your iPhone.

And although there is no setting that you can disable Burst Mode function can mean that you will accidentally more than one photo at a time. Make sure you press quickly while you take a photo, or use the volume button to take a picture to avoid duplicates.


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